Probably a doctors note PDF is not as popular as the MS Word one but it can solve your problem too. The only downside of this kind of note is, you can’t edit it using a regular application or software installed in your computer. Once it generated, it’s stay that way. You are only can print it out and then fill in your detail and also put a signature on it. If you need a PDF sample, here you are;

example in PDF file

I’m not saying that doctors note PDF free is completely useless but its quality will speak itself. Most of free notes are actually created just for fun and cannot be used to replace the real looking nor the genuine one. It would just makes you get caught if you submit it to your boss or school teacher. So you better look for the authentic looking one if you are planning to use it in serious way. Actually there is a website providing such note called fake doctors excuse form and I personally use it couple times and never get caught. So, it is safe to say that their notes are really works and effective as what they’re claimed.

Most of doctors note PDF file are not prepared in the first place since most of the notes were prepared in Microsoft Word format, unless you ask the provider. Actually this PDF file is only prepared as a support document because it’s lack of flexibility and cannot be edited easily by the end user just like you. They are only prepared just in case you want to edit these notes after you print them out. But this kind of practice is actually does have its own advantage such as less work for you and it’s require lesser computer skills. And the best part is, you can turn these Microsoft Word doctors notes into PDF (1) file by yourself using Microsoft Word 2010 software or later. What you need to do is open up the doctors note using Microsoft Word (2), save it as (*.pdf) file, and you are done. But of course, you still need a PDF reader software (3) to view it.

Well, you might ask me, where is the doctors note PDF download button here? Actually the link is embedded on the image above for you to get the doctor’s note example, but you can always create the real looking one by yourself soon after you get the MS Word notes from provider. I am just explaining about them here because I’ve tried them and want to share my thought and experience with those who looking for the same thing as what I did before. So you can get the idea what is this all about and where to get the good quality one. You can take this as a free lesson though.

Just like what I’ve said before, most of doctors note format are in Microsoft (MS) Word, and PDF format is only a support document if only you ask the provider to create one. But I can’t deny that it have another advantage even if it’s not as important as getting your problem solved. Isn’t it? If you wonder, I got my MS Word doctors note here and then turn it into PDF file by myself, and its quality is top notch.

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